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I have suffered depression for almost 20 years and with the recent development of severe tinnitus, I found coping with life difficult. Having contacted Nicole, who was undaunted by the tinnitus problem despite admitting limited experience, I commenced face to face treatment with her during my stay in Portugal. In February I returned to the UK and since that time we have maintained contact using zoom sessions.

During my treatment we have tried several different approaches before arriving at the best solution currently for me. Having unsuccessfully scoured the internet for suitable hypnosis/relaxation input Nicole went the extra mile by producing a bespoke hypnosis/mindfulness/ relaxation recording for me, which has become an important tool in my treatment.

My mental health has improved noticeably to date and I find coping with my Tinnitus has become much easier, to the extent it now does not dominate my life all the time.

My treatment is ongoing. At the outset, Nicole was honest in advising no quick fix to my problems and continues with treatment options as we progress. I never feel any pressure from her at any time though.

With past experience of mental health professionals, I have no hesitation in recommending her. I am confident she will be able to assist me to a level of quality in my life, which was beyond my comprehension a few months ago.

In my opinion, she is an exceptional practitioner, possibly unique in the breadth of skills at her disposal and ability to interlink them together. I particularly like her gentle demeanour which, with confidence and empathy, is delivered in a way that indicates real concern for the patient.