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My first panic attack came out of the blue and I definitely did not recognise it as such.

After a few very uncomfortable weeks and no logical medical explanation, my doctor suggested a panic attack. I was in denial and kept going for another very uncomfortable 18 months or so. Yoga and meditation was not “fixing” the problem and I started getting noise sensitive and being very jumpy.

I realised I needed help and am very grateful that I found Nicole in the Internet. She took me “under her wing” and with her very gentle manner, guided me through the next few weeks with her very special and caring style. I was in fact, feeling so low, that on several occasions, I suggested involving medication but she was always able to steer away from this solution, telling me she had my back and that together we could tackle my issues.

With a lot of discussions, me following her advice and “going back to 0” for a while and her recommended breathing and relaxation exercises, I soon started feeling much better. She has been an absolute lifesaver and a couple of months later, I am now ready to face life again and move on after this dark period in my life.

Forever thankful!!