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Certainly the sessions with Nicole have been therapeutic but that’s what they are supposed to be. More significantly, my experience of them has two words that come up: grounding and liberating. What I found is that these meetings for me have been most of all grounding and liberating. Grounding in a sense that they have supported my coming more firmly and surely to myself and being comfortable with that self. Liberating in the sense that they have helped me and supported me in shedding some of the negative attachments and “stuckness” that I have accumulated in the course of many years of my life. In my relationships as well as in daily encounters and simply in going about my business of the day and even night. So I can well say that Nicole has really been instrumental in a growth in freedom, a growth in liberating of the self. And I can say that her approach is non invasive and yet it is participatory in which she joins one in their quest, in their process and it is a welcome joining because it’s an exchange in a conversation rather than a preaching or a teaching. And so whoever is taking the plunge or is thinking about taking the plunge into a quest for more grounding for themselves or more shedding of dead skin if you will, I can wholeheartedly recommend Nicole. Now, that said, not everyone  will find her to be their cup of tea or coffee or vodka and you will just have to try it out to see if the shoe fits. Anyhow, so much for that. Good luck and may the best part of you win.