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My mother found Nicole when I had developed an eating disorder in 2021. I was at a very vulnerable point in my life and truly did not see the damage that I was causing to myself. I was filled with fear and skepticism, doubting my worthiness and ability to heal. Opening up to a “stranger” seemed like an insurmountable task.

However, upon meeting Nicole, her compassionate and gentle approach disarmed me completely, melting away my reservations. This was surprising because I had become disconnected even from my loved ones. Determined to recover, I persevered, and within a few sessions, we unraveled the root of my problem. It was something my subconscious had buried deep within, but through Nicole’s step-by-step method, we tackled the issue as soon as it surfaced.

I am a student and have successfully been able to finish my studies whilst simultaneously battled a mental illness. Even when I moved back abroad, Nicole continued to support me through Zoom. I am now in my early twenties realising that I have not only been able to work through things that could have gotten to me later in life but also gained someone I now consider an integral part of my support system.

Words cannot describe how grateful I am that my mother found Nicole. Nicole has truly made me feel so proud how far I’ve come. Even after my recovery, I intend to maintain contact with her because she has become someone truly dear to me. Nicole is not only an exceptional therapist but, above all, a genuinely kind person who I believe everyone deserves to have in their lives.